Australia Day Message

Message from His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia for Australia Day

Since my arrival to Australia in June 2019, I have not, for a moment, stopped praising and thanking God who led my steps to this blessed land.

I have already declared it, but I repeat it and absolutely mean it. With each passing day, I come to the greater and deeper realization that it is a genuine blessing to live in an open, democratic, multicultural society in one of the most illustrious examples of mutual respect and understanding. And today, I believe, is an occasion to celebrate this important aspect of Australian society, recognizing the diachronic contribution of all its members – from the indigenous, and first settlers of Australia, through to the immigrants of recent decades, including from our own Greek community who have made this place in the Antipodes their second homeland.

At the same time, it offers us the opportunity to look back boldly, to reflect and learn valuable lessons. After all, mistakes and injustices are not absent from any people in history. The essence, however, lies in their recognition, acceptance and in the concern for their restoration.

With this understanding, today we can celebrate Australia’s National Day with the certainty that we are travelling on the correct path. With pride in what we have already achieved, we inspire and renew our commitment for greater love, more justice, more unity and coexistence.

Happy Australia Day!

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