The Opening of Our Centre Aisle.

Dear Spiritual Brothers & Sisters,

It has been eight weeks since we were blessed by His Eminence Archbishop Makarios with the honour of taking over the reigns of our humble Parish.

I have had the pleasure in leading our new dynamic Committee moving forward. Since our inaugural appointment we have secured a full time Caretaker (Neokoro) who attends to the Church and it’s needs on a daily basis. We also have introduced our new young Chanter who is Byzantine trained in Greek and English so we are able to conduct bilingual services.

I am also pleased to announce a new beginning and introduction to our Sunday school. Our Sunday school has proven to be popular amongst our young families.

Today our Parishioners witnessed a completion of one of many projects to follow. The opening of our centre aisle. Such projects take a heavy burden on our finances and are only possible by the generous donations of our

Congregation and Benefactors. As we continue with the many needs that are currently required, the necessity to reach out to the broader Greek Orthodox community in support of any financial assistance big or small is required for the undertaking of such projects.

I sincerely thank you in advance for whatever contribution you are able to make towards our Parish. Below are our bank details should you wish to donate.

St Sophia & 3 Daughters
BSB: 082 088
ACC: 607 202 143
Reference: your full name

Please feel free to make contact with our Parish to discuss further on
9331 5031.

Parish President
Con Zannettidies

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